The TouchFARMS system

Touch devices


touchFARM is a system based on tactile devices interconnected, that facilitate the farmer to collect data from their animals for further communication or study. It also has tools to optimize its exploitation, crossing data on animal feed, weights, animal health, … etc.

Electronic identification


With touchFARM the animals are identified with an electronic device attached to the tag. This will make it easier for the farmer to identify the animals prior to data registration.

Complete data record


It doesn’t need computers.

touchFARM allows to enter and record all data referring to animals: complete file, movements of entry and exit, feeding, weight control, sanitary control, inspections, recrotations, … etc. It allows to make a census of the animals and to consult in an easy way all the data. It is the perfect tool to control and optimize your exploitation.

Animals groups


We can group the animals to facilitate the introduction and reading of data. A shared data only needs to be written once and it will be registered in the file of all the animals of the group.

People management


The system stores the data of people who are linked to the farm : owners, legal representatives, veterinarians, transporters, … This allows associating the data entered with the people involved in a simple way for the farmer.